RMG Inspection & Audit

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    About Our Inspection & Audit Service

    UROJAHAJ is based on Multiple Wings & Services in local and international market and RMG INSPECTION is one of the INNOVATIVE part of our services. We formed this service in FEBRUARY 2021.

    Our INSPECTION & AUDIT MECHANISM is based on Information & Communication Technology with our innovative ideas and our SPECIAL RMG INSPECTION & AUDIT TEAM are operating this service.

    From Yarn to Finish Goods and shipment are under our track. Using Mobile App (RMG INSPECTION TRACKER) which is developed by us for Admin & Buyer. Special feature of this App is – LIVE PRODUCTION UPDATE. It is a virtual monitoring and tracking system using technology. we will do follow up and differentiate MAJOR, MINOR & CRITICAL DEFECTS and NOTIFY to our buyer from beginning to end and put comments,  take feedback and action and monitor their order at a same time.