What We Do

Today the UROJAHAJ LIMITED is the wide multiple industry verticals with the largest networks in Bangladesh as well as other countries. UROJAHAJ was founded in the Second January 2018’s by – Sheikh Khaledur Rahman.

Since the early days, Urojahaj collaborating and with other companies and projects and working with continuous development and try to make a higher GDP growth rate in Bangladesh. 

Urojahaj’s Tagline is – “Make Your Dream True”.

Urojahaj Vision is – “Change the World with Great Innovation”.

Taking new challenge and continuous development is the main focus of Urojahaj. Creating new things with innovative ideas connecting with locally and globally is a continuous flow process of us.

Working with a proper business ethics & policy in a long-term relationship with our collaborators, suppliers and agents. We always keep our commitments and make our customers, consumers & buyers happy and always taking their feedback and develop us accordingly.

Especially in Garments and ICT wing, we are focusing on our special eye. Since we all know that garments and ICT sector is the most demandable and fastest growing industry in the world.

In our Travel & Tourism wing, we have seven sub-wings there are as follow – Air Ticketing, Railway Ticket, Student Consultancy, Hotel Reservation, Visa Assistant, Hajj & Umrah Service, Holiday Tour Package which cover a complete Travel wing. The main focus of our Travel wing is always satisfying our customer with reasonable price as well as attractive packages. We also make packages as per customer needs and demands.

Our one of the strongest parts is Govt. Contractors with BRTA, PWD, BIWTC and Bangladesh Railway. Recently we working on – RMG Inspection & Audit Service for International Buyers. We have an UK based Brand Company which is ONE MAN ARMY and this brand is for Apparel Products based on Military Army costumes and theory.

We have also Agro. based firm and products. Seasonable and non-seasonable fruits, & vegetables as well as fish, chicken, beef and mutton supplying locally and internationally.

We are the largest distributor of PRAN in Dhaka City in Bangladesh. 

We always focus our environment clean and make our industry Eco-Friendly and Green by inside and outside plantation as well as firming and we also use our wasted materials as a recycling process.